> Jon Berndt wrote:

> good chance
> > that you're not going to get exactly 30 degrees flaps. The actuator 
> > mechnism probably
> > won't linearly extend the flaps due to the compound nature of the flap 
> > mechanisms.
> If that is the case the FDM should know about it more than anything else
> Erik

No, the FDM doesn't care about anything but commanded flap position - which 
will be taken
to actual position through the FCS, but with JSBSim actuator dynamics are not 
required to
be modeled. Commanded and actual positions are in degrees. As I said before, 
does 30
degrees flaps (when the maximum travel is 60) corespond to an actuator 
extension of 0.5?
Probably not. Does it matter for animation purposes? Probably not, I guess.


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