On Sunday 19 December 2004 19:46, Dave Martin wrote:
> Any feedback you can give me is greatly appreciated :-)

The Compass is invisible from outside. You can fix this by adding a name tag 
to the part where the compass model gets included, and then adding it to the 
bottom of the InteriorGroup group, around line 330 in Models/c172p.xml. When 
you can see the compass from the outside you will see that it floats in mid 
air over the glareshield, so you might want to move it down a bit.

Also the instruments are floating a few cm from the panel, this is evident 
when you look at it at an angle. You can remove the PanelInstruments and 
ControlsGroup warnings if you remove all references to PanelInstruments in 

It is still possible to see the instruments through the nav- and 
beacon-lights. But I guess this is something that has to be fixed in the 

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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