Dave, you can check out the animation file (specifically: engine animation) 
for the MD11 if you want to learn how to set different LOD's.

Curt, as I was working on the MD11, I get a feeling that FlightGear is loading 
every single polygon into the scene graph.  Is my feeling correct?  If so, 
does that mean not implementing LOD's may actually consume less resources?


On December 21, 2004 02:42 pm, Dave Martin wrote:
> Now thats interesting stuff; I *had* noticed that FG has lod settings and
> such but I don't know much about how it works in FG (Although I fully
> understand the principal).
> I'll have a go at making another version of the 172 with say, 2d wings,
> solid windows and less polys in the fusealage.
> How many levels of LOD (no. of models) do you think would be worthwhile?
> (I suppose you can first sight individual a/c at 6 miles out.)
> Cheers.

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