On Sunday 26 December 2004 07:14, Paul Surgeon wrote:
> How does it work?
> Do the aircraft follow taxiways and park at gates or ramp designations?

That's the ultimate goal. For the current code, ie. for testing, I created an 
xml file containing parking location and orientation information, which I 
converted from MS FlightSim (from project afcaddata) , using an exsiting bgl 
decompiler. Since the decompiler output was in xml format, reading it in to 
FlightGear was pretty trivial. 

I haven't implimented taxiway routing yet, so right now, each aircraft taxies 
straight from the gate to the active runway. I bet you can guess what my next 
logical move will be. :-)

I still need to update the gate assignment and release logic a bit more, and 
also need to split the flight plan generation code, so that parking spots are 
not assigned until at the last minute. 

> BTW : I see that the X-plane apt.dat file allows startup locations (for
> things like gate numbers, ramps, helipads) as of version 7.01 and up.
Ah, that's good news. I didn't know yet, but it sounds like we should use this 
info in the future.


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