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On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:35:34 +0100
Frank Olaf wrote:

To where should I direct concerns about the scenery?

Stuff like this, which looks like a bug or other such problem, is probably best for the developer list.

There is quite a large portion of scenery near my home which is terribly

incorrect. From N60.50 to N61.00, E11 there is a large strip running east and west with apparently no elevation data.

I'm not sure if this is reported somwhere previously, but someone should

be notified about the problem. I'm using scenery I downloaded about 1 month ago with the 9.6 windows binaries.

Confirmed with the most recent scenery (generated this past few weeks).
It's not a case of missing tiles. The scenery is there -- it's just
anomalously flat (in the midst of a region with a lot of hills), with
sharp edges, as if all the DEM data for this region reads 0.

Our terrain data comes from SRTM which has a few warts and missing areas. I haven't started to think about how to blend data to address this. I was hoping that at somepoint someone would release a "fixed" SRTM based data set. I haven't heard of anything yet. For what it's worth there is also problems at one end of the grand canyon, parts of Rhode Island, and often some prominant mountains are cut off too short because the peaks didn't come out right in SRTM. These problems are extremely tedious (at best to fix by hand) and you need to have a better reference data set to do anything about it.


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