On Wednesday 29 Dec 2004 18:22, William Earnest wrote:
> Hello,
>       Been too busy reworking computers and doing some actual flying to run
> FlightGear, although I have kept current with CVS. Had a chance this
> morning to run it, and tried to start at my local airport, Allentown
> Queen city Muni. Got some strange errors about not finding a valid
> runway, and wound up sitting on the ocean.
>       A bit of digging found that the airport ID of 1N9 had been changed to
> K1N9. Further checks show that has happened to quite a few of the
> non-Kxxx IDs in the USA. Is this a FG problem, or are the errors
> coming from Robin's database? I can work around it for now, but it
> could prove a long-term annoyance to users in general.

I had a simmilar one today with Long Marston (former EGBL)

Its in the airport db as EG67 but I've never seen it referenced as that 
anywhere alse.

Are these EGxx numeric IDs there just for when the current ICAO code is 

I believe the CAA have assigned new codes for some airfields with very limited 
use in the UK recently but they are definitely EGxx where x is a letter.

Dave Martin

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