On Tuesday 04 January 2005 00:55, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> >On January 3, 2005 04:43 pm, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> >>Eventually, probably yes ... at least by maintaining a
> >> version number in the aircraft-set.xml file and by
> >> providing a small thumbnail image (probably with a
> >> standardized name so I can build the web pages with
> >> scripts.)
> >
> >Are you planning on replacing the word "Photo" with the
> > thumbnail or are you planning on making "Photo" a link?
> I was planning inline photos, but this is my first stab at a
> download page, I'm open for suggestions, although I don't have
> infinite time to impliment them all.
> Curt.

I think it would probably be better if the images were 
local/in-lined, as opposed to a link to an image somewhere on 
the web - if the linked url goes down for any reason it'll 
impact on the FG page.


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