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Oliver C. schrieb:
| On Tuesday 04 January 2005 11:37, Christian Mayer wrote:
|>Oliver C. schrieb:
|>| Could you change the file format from *.tgz to *.tar.gz?
|>| I ask because *.tgz is used by Slackware as a package format (it's a
|>| file with a install script in it) and this is leading to confusion
|>| when you have Slackware *.tgz files and *.tgz files that are no
|>| packages on your harddrive.
|>| So file endings called *.tar.gz would be much better than *.tgz.
|>And what about *.zip?
|>Linux can easily unzip those and Windows users have the unzipper already
|>comming with their OS (when it is WinXP...)
| Yes, but *.zip is not a free format.

Really? I thought at the beginning it was proprietary (sp?), but there
are enough free implementations now.

| Using *.zip would be like using *.mp3 instead of *.ogg

The problem with mp3 is that you have to pay royalties if you want to
distribute an encoder.

Is there anything similar with zip?

| 7zip or bzip2 would be acceptable, both are free like tar.gz.

The advantage of zip is that you don't need an extra program to unpack
it (if you've got WinXP or, probably, newer).

All other formats don't have that advantage.

But if zip is no option .tar.gz or .tgz are fine, as all usual unpackers
for Windows support these (compared to 7zip; bzip2 might be supported a
bit more)


PS: Does anybody know how to tell Enigmail to keep the quotations
started with an ">" and not to convert them to an "|"?

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