Dave Martin wrote:

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> It is best to work with the native format of the model.
> Updating a model using a different modeller may make it uneditable for the
> other current contributors.
> However, for all I know, the Hunter / Seahawk may have been made in
> software
> other than 3DS and then exported. - In which case it would be best to get
> the
> original source files.
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> > >
> > > The C172p is a .ac format file while the hunter IIRC is a 3ds file.
> > >

Hmmm .... the Hunter and Seahawk were drawn in AC3D, and the files are .ac.
At least, they were when I drew them.

I find AC3D a most satisfactory drawing program, although others disagree.
If you use Version 4.0 or newer, be aware that it uses a 'crease' token
which the current release of plib will not accept: you will need to remove
them. Plib-cvs accepts the 'crease' token, so we look forward to the next
release of plib.



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