Chris Metzler wrote:

> OK, I'm very ignorant about this.  Is that a major limitation in that
> it'd be very hard/time consuming for someone competent to adapt
> PostGIS to include elevation data?

Quoting Norman Vine from the thread "When can we have roads like this":

> Martin Spott writes:
> > If you'd agree to call PostGIS as sort of an implementation of
> > "shapefile in a database", the analogue "geotiff in a database" would
> > be nice, too. To other "spatially enabled" database servers cover
> > raster data as well ?
> This is a popular topic of discussion that is often answerd by
> (1)  BLOB storage is inherently different then Table Storage
> (2) Reprojection of Raster Data is usually *much* more expensive
>      then Vector data and isn't handled by any GIS enabled DB that
>      I am currently aware of.

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