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Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> Is this worth looking into, or would it be crossing some sort of 
> open-source ethical line?

I don't think it's crossing an ethical line.  That doesn't mean
we wanna do it, though; just that I don't think *that's* the
reason not to.

I remember this thread on banner ads from July; there may be some
insightful points there:


One question I have is how binding the agreement would be.  Suppose
after a couple of weeks of GoogleAds, everyone says "this sucks" and
wants to get rid of them.  Could we?  Or would we be stuck with having
them on the website for 3 months/6 months/a year because those were
the terms of the agreement?  I'd feel less favorable to them if I
thought there was no way out if they turned out to be more trouble
than they were worth.


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