On Monday 17 January 2005 12:51, Manuel Massing wrote:
> Hi,
> > > I've been holding off my code changes already since Christmas. ;-)
> why not tag the planned releases as branches. This way development can
> continue in HEAD while the releases can be tested and bugfixed in-
> dependently.  This is fairly standard procedure for open source projects
> (e.g. KDE, gcc, freebsd).

Well, I guess every open source project has it's own way of doing things. 
Curt's announcement of a new planned release flagged the start of a feature 
freeze period, but it also coincided with a rare opportunity for me to do 
some development work. So  I decided not to submit any of my work until after 
the release. 

I see some merit in branching, but I guess it would increase the workload of 
the project maintainers, who now need to make sure that bugfixes for the 
release branch make it into the development tree and vice verca. 

Just my two cents,

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