Dave Martin wrote:

I was originally testing with absolute minimum fuel and I could still get it into situations where it wouldn't lift the inner wing from 45' bank at 170kts.

I'm going to have a go with a figure of 1.5 for lift.

One thing tho; the lift figure is the 'maximum' ie: at full deflection. Could we expect that the Aeileron might make that much at full deflection but such a deflection would also be structurally damaging to the aircraft at above takeoff / landing speeds.

In the videos, the aeileron deflection used to induce high rates of roll doesn't appear that much.

Bear in mind that one thing that is commonly done on many aircraft is to pop up a spoiler on the wing that should drop. This can be a lot more effective than just deflecting airflow with the aileron. To my knowledge, YAsim doesn't model this directly, but perhaps you can approximate the same affect by increasing the lift of the aileron.



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