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On Wednesday, 19 January 2005 22:05, Lee Elliott wrote:

The control issue is more straightforward and it's easy to see
how someone might get miffed if something they spent a lot of
time making, so that they could give it away to people for free,
is then used by someone else for their own profit, with no need
to recompense the person who actually did the work.

The GPL specifically allows this.


This is a big issue with MSFS addons.
For instance there are people who spend MONTHS filtering and editing sound recordings of aircraft to produce a sound package for a single aircraft.
They do it for free and for the community.

Then some scumbag comes along and collects a whole lot of these free contributions, removes the credits, labels them as his own work, puts them onto a CDs and sells them for $30 - 50 profit.

This has happened several times (2 that I know of) in the MSFS community and the authors get irrate that someone is charging money and taking credit for what they freely gave to the community.

Fortunately most of these works are copyrighted and not GPL and they managed to get lawyers involved and stop these pricks from carrying on their underhanded business.

If the authors released their work as GPL those "low lifes" wouldn't even have to change the credits and what sort of recourse would the authors have then?


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