David Luff said:

> On 20/01/2005 at 10:55 Jon Berndt wrote:
> >> Ok wrong word.  Let me just say that it seems to lack some magic. 
> >Setting up
> >> the p51d in Yasim was not my original intention as Jon S. Berdnt was
> >claiming
> >> at the time I started the 3D that he had a nearly working JSBSim model.
> >
> > ... which I did. I thought. The more I looked at the numbers for aero
> >qualities that I
> >was getting from DATCOM, the more I realized something was amiss. Also, at
> >the time I
> >believe our engine capabilities were not what I thought they were. Now we
> >have a
> >turbocharged piston engine model. 
> You should consider the turbocharging to be an alpha model though - we
> haven't applied it in anger yet.  When you start on a P51 or Spitfire (or
> any other model) give me a heads up and I'll test/refine/debug the
> turbo/supercharging stuff in tandem with what you're doing.

We'd be a lot further or at least I'd have accomplished more along the lines
of 3D modeling and enhancing animation/rendering code if I hadn't spent so
much time working on something I know hardly anything about (flight modeling).
 This isn't to take away at all from the great work that folks have done with
the FDM code.

Is there any chance someone out there is interested in focusing on improving
the flight model definitions for the 3D art that we already have?



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