On 21/01/2005 at 13:16 Frederic Bouvier wrote:

>To bring fgrun to 1.0 quality grade, and after receiving suggestions from
>I am now planning to add basic options to the wizard instead of keeping
>hidden behind the Advanced button. Maybe by reducing the size of the
>line textfield ( it could also be move to the Advanced section ).
>For the moment, my shortlist for basic options is :
>--geometry ( with a combo box of standard resolutions )
>and optionally
>--atlas ( with default options )
>--3d-clouds ( perhaps. they are not finished but are sometimes gorgeous )
>I also want to have better resizing to have a more professional look.
>Also it would be nice to be able to fetch and install aircraft and scenery
>directly from the master server ( a "add new" button that connect via http
>Maybe it would require that the script that generate the aircraft download
>also generate an XML file that could be remotely parsed to ease aircraft
>Comments welcome

It would be nice if fgrun could detect when Map/Atlas were installed, and
have an option to create the maps of the installed scenery using Map (with
a warning that this might take a while!).

Cheers - Dave

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