Jim Wilson wrote:
There are a couple bugs or at least they were there a week or so ago.   One is
just a mapping typo where latitude goes into both latitude and altitude.   The
other is under linux the fg-root and fg-scenery parameters don't get saved and
passed on to fgfs (no prefs.set done) unless you hit previous to display
page[0] (the function that processes page[0] saves those strings).

Ah, is this why fgfs get stuck in a freezing loop, when I give latitude and longitude parameters at the command line?

(Tries a few more runs)
Ah! that's it. If I give a --lat that is less than the ground elevation, it freezes in a loop. and ignores the --altitude parameter.

I believe I reported this Jan.11, but had not figured out the exact conditions that triggered it.
Thanks Jim.

A serious bug.

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