Frederic Bouvier wrote:

I forgot this one. It is not an improvement though, rather a fix ;-)
The scenery scan is done every time and is very long although it is threaded and
doesn't prevent you to launch flightgear. Curt suggested to show all the content
of apt.dat.gz and check the availability afterward. I am now thinking to check
only against the first level of directories to see if they lie in an existing
10x10 chunk ( eventually with special case for the 2 1x1 chunks of the base
package ). And rely more on the refresh button already present than a
systematic scan.

Now that we use apt.dat (X-Plane format) it would be possible to walk the list and get the lat/lon of the aircraft (first two parameters of the runway definition if I'm not mistaken). This allows you to search in for the proper directory right away instead of checking every airport in every directory.


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