Quoting Innis Cunningham:

>   "Curtis L. Olson" writes
> >
> >Innis,
> >
> >I had no problem loading the version Ampere sent me in v0.9.8.  I did
> >notice there was a large (and seemingly arbitrary) mix of file permission,
> >capitalization, etc.  I'm running linux.  If you are running windows,
> >perhaps there is a dos/unix line ending problem in one of the files?
> Thanks Curt and yes I am runing windows.
> But if there was a line ending problem would this have not showed up
> in 9.6 and 9.5.In these versions it runs without trouble.

The ac loader has been overhauled and many features were added, and regressions
or stricter checked could have sneak in. Send me privately this model if you
want me to test on the windows platform with adequate debugging tools.


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