On Saturday, 22 January 2005 13:01, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> I hereby formally object to my name and my code contributions being dragged
> into potential religious conflicts, and to using them for proselytizing
> purposes.
> It's sad to see that the repeated calls for keeping political and other
> controversial stuff off FlightGear don't seem to apply any more.
> Please remove the link to my former flightgear page from
> http://www.flightgear.org/links.html ("FlightGear: Support for joysticks
> with digital axes"; which is quite outdated anyway)
> I'll happily join again, once flightgear treats all its users and
> developers again "without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour,
> sex, language, *RELIGION*, political or other opinion, national or social
> origin, property, birth or other status".
> m.

Is this the way things should go?
Melchior is not the only person who find the current situation unacceptable.

Maybe I should make a package with a file included that says :
"Kill all 'em Niggers" and get it put up on the FlightGear site.

I say pull the package in question. If the author wants to distribute it on 
his own site then that is fine with me but as it stands it looks like we 
endorse what is in that package.
I'd rather upset one contributor than piss off the whole FG community.


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