William Earnest writes:

> Hello,
>       This morning the 0.9.8 package in WinXP, running normal defaults 
> (KSFO, c172p) starts with all instruments normal. The current CVS 
> compiled here in Fedora 3 is much the same, but sitting on 24R, the DG 
> looks as expected, but the mag compass is showing North. Is some xml 
> file dropping the bearing info?

Warning - the following is just a wild guess.  I think that this might be due 
to excessive side forces reported by JSBSim when the aircraft is stationary.  
This results in the instrument physics code 'locking' the compass as though it 
was forced to the side of the cage until the force subsides.  Once you start 
rolling down the runway the compass unlocks, but it's a pain for setting the DG 
when stationary.  That's my guess as to what's happening - I could be 
completely off base, but it doesn't seem to affect yasim models IIRC.

Cheers - Dave

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