Erik wrote:

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Thanks for this explanation. Why does it only seem to work one way? The
> > description 'enhanced lighting' is not particularly helpful.
> Oh, this is about enhanced (runway) lighting. That's a different story,
> I was talking about specular highlights which the original was talking
> about also.
> Enhanced runway lighting makes the runway lights bigger than the usual
> one pixel dot, like in real life (adding the halo so to speak).
> > Why is it so expensive of frame-rate?
> This is very hardware and driver dependent. Some OpenGL features are
> just not implemented in hardware on some display adapters.
> Erik

Right, so ignore all the foregoing - why does 'enhanced lighting (runway)'
change the colour of some 3d panels? Perhaps an artifact of the video card?
And why isn't it reversible?



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