Jim Wilson wrote:
> Here is my local config for the p51d yasim propeller.  Most of these
> values are pretty much on target according to actual specifications.
> The problem is that it "appears" to not produce sufficient thrust.

I did actually get started on this at one point. :)

The first problem I ran into is that getting a manual pitch propeller
tuned is REALLY hard.  Because of the way the numbers work (pitch in
YASim isn't an angle, it's a multiplier) it is very easy to move the
propeller into a pitch range where the efficiency drops near zero.

What I ultimately did was set the prop to have a standard variable
pitch governor and hack a printf() into the YASim loop to tell me what
settings the prop was actually using.

Then, a few days later, my copy of the F-51D Mustang POH arrived.  It
turns out that this model (which I assume was identical to the wartime
P-51D -- they were surplus items, not new construction) in fact had a
standard RPM governor for its prop speed lever -- not a manual pitch
system at all.

What is the source for defining the Mustang's prop control as
manual-pitch?  If it's not needed, I can all but guarantee that solver
tuning will be much easier without it.


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