On Saturday, 26 February 2005 10:51, Erik Hofman wrote:
> The annoying click is because the audio file is not edited correctly.

This one has me a bit stumped.
It loops without clicks in Audacity and I've check the individual samples and 
the start/end joint is perfect.
Do samples have to start and end with a sample value of zero in order to not 
I'll try to figure this one out.

> Also, you are aware that a sound played with a pitch offset of 1.0 is
> played twice the original speed (pitch always start at 1.0).

I just checked this and a pitch offset of 1.0 definately reproduces the 
original speed.
I don't have a frequency analyser available but my ears aren't that bad.  :)
With an offset of 0.5 the frequency is definately about half of the original 

> Negative values for the properties should be no problem at all.

They certainly are!  :)
I just did a bug test.

Here is the config :


For positive values the tone increases.
For negative values the tone just loops with no pitch change.

It's definately broken but this is one of those bugs that has not popped up in 
the past because no one has tried driving the pitch with a negative value 
yet.  :)


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