* Roberto Inzerillo -- Thursday 03 March 2005 14:10:
> Of course Melchior, correcting this single case will not change any FGFS
> performance at all and disk space is so cheap that the overhead of those
> 37483 bytes costs around 0,00025 Euro Cents today.

Yes. Disk space isn't expensive these days. But it's also about bandwidth.
The files don't magically appear on your cheap harddisk.   ;-)

To annoy you all even more. Here's the latest comparison: The directories
Aircraft/, Models/, Scenery/, Textures/, and Textures.high/ once as they are
in CVS, and once with all *.rgb, *.rgba, *.RGB optimized. Makes a difference
of no less than 34.2 MB that we are wasting now with redundant information.
This could be saved alone with better lossless compression, without changing
the image information one bit.

In the case of SGI files, you can't save anything with using less bits per
pixel & layer, because the SGI image formats that supported this are declared
obsolete, and neither plib, nor blender, nor gimp, etc. can work with them.
Internally, plib always uses one byte per pixel and layer.


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