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Sounds kind of like the problem I'm facing with the left seat/right seat
view perspective in the 747 simulator. Short of a fully collimated
projection(s) and optics to handle a curved, wrap-around screen any solution
will be a compromise.

Yes, any time you want to make the view look correct from more than one perspective you run into problems. Putting monitors on top of your dash is a worst case scenario because they are so close to the viewer. If you go with a projection screen and move the surface a few feet away from the viewers that helps ... the further away you can place it the better. In our driving sim, we have our screens probably 6-8' away from the viewer and you can get by with the passenger view not being too horrible.

It's hard to match reality perfectly.

Understand there are electronics available to handle
"warping" with CRT projectors by controlling the electron beam to handle
frustum distortions and other projection artifacts. Have a feeling they're
not cheap and probably some specialized software to handle all the geometry.

This stuff get's expensive really fast, and it snow balls. There's no point going down the path of image warping if you aren't using a curved screen. But if you do that, you might as well do edge blending, and before you know it, you are calling companies around the world for quotes and you've sunk $500,000 into your visual system .

I recommend people stick with *simple* unless they really know what they are doing (and I'm not claiming that I fully know what I'm doing here.) :-) The problem is that if you try to step up incrementally and learn from past experience, you invariable do things wrong, and with decent LCD projectors starting at $5000, mistakes get really expensive really quick. Best case scenario, you are doing this with someone else's money and mistakes are just really embarrasing or you can shift blame. Worst case scenario, you are doing it with your own money. :-)

Am I correct in understanding that the modified code has been added to CVS?

Yes, it is there now in CVS. Let me know if you have any questions.



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