Drew wrote:
> The program runs great, it's just that FlightGear gets interrupted
> easily by other programs, and is jumpy in my particular application.
> If you open and close a window, you can see how FlightGear freezes
> momentarily.

I don't wonder, though, if that isn't due to locking inside GDI (or VM
swap -- how much memory do you have?) and not CPU usage.  Applications
doing 3D rendering don't coexist well with things that need to draw to
the screen.

Can you try something "purely" CPU intensive (like a perl script that
counts to a few million) and see if you can notice the same behavior?
My guess is that tuning FlightGear's CPU usage isn't going to get us

Conversely, can you compare FlightGear to other "spin on the cpu" 3D
applications like games?  Do they exhibit the same issues?


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