Josh Babcock wrote:
> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > It means you've found a bug in the solver.  I don't recall it doing
> > that.  Maybe it is just a missing sanity check.  Post what you have.
> It looks like it's only getting one line into the file.  I'll muck with the
> first few lines and see what I can do.

Nah, the parser reads the whole file at once.  Note the following
lines.  It opens the file successfully and stats it to get the size
(which is 10705 bytes).  Then it tries to read 10705 bytes from the
file into a 128k buffer, which works in just one syscall.

  open("b29-yasim.xml", O_RDONLY)         = 3
  fstat64(3, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=10705, ...}) = 0
  read(3, "<!-- Tactical Empty Weight 78000"..., 131072) = 10705

After that, parsing and solving is 100% CPU work, so strace can't tell
you anything.

I'll give your file a whirl.  The only infinte loop condition I'm
aware of at the moment is one where you specify an engine performance
that the solver cannot reach (because of stuff like the throttle being
bound to the wrong property, or not set in the cruise configuration,
etc...) and it iterates forever trying to "stabilize" the thrust.


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