Richard Bytheway

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> > I have been building FlightGear in Cygwin since the 0.6 days,
> > but for the past few months I have not been able to get a
> > build to complete.
> >
> > I have had, and have overcome problems with OpenAL in the
> > past, but they seem to have resurfaced.
> >
> > In the absence of any useful information from me (like files
> > it fails on, and error messages), does anyone have a general
> > (but up-to-date) guide to building FlightGear on Cygwin, or
> > even a list of common problems and solutions?
> >
> > I shall gather some hard evidence tonight and post it
> > tomorrow if needed.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Richard
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> OK, I have made progress past the OpenAL hiccups.
> First I tried building OpenAL CVS, but that did not appear to work. So I
> found the OpenAL build by Andy Ross (
> libs.tar.gz) which appears to do the trick.
> I then had to tweak Main/renderer.cxx, lines 890 onwards to rename "near"
> and "far" which were causing a problem. I used "qnear" and "qfar" in lines
> 890, 891, 904, 913 and 914 and compilation runs nearly to the end.
> The final link still fails though. Error is pasted below, can anyone shed
> any light?

I have the same problem with Main/renderer.cxx. Your solution (or one very
like it) solves the problem. I guess near/far are reserved words in Cygwin?
Thereafter, FGFS compiles and runs under Cygwin. 

I'm not using Andy's libs, but those built by Norman, with a couple of
tweaks which have been listed recently (although these may not now be
needed, since OpenAl has reportedly fixed the problems). Your errors seem to
be lib-related so perhaps the solution lies there. Norman's libs are
available at:



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