On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 15:45, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> >AFAIK *no* airplane currently modelled
> >in FlightGear has ever been verified against the original machine.
> >
> I'm not disagreeing, but I would like to point out that FlightGear has a 
> lot of stuff built in for those that want to move beyond a simple video 
> game.

Yeah, and I'm not knocking FlightGear and all the great work that's been
put into it. As you say, the ability to connect it to dedicated cockpit
simulators (even on a motion-platform?) moves it well away from "just a

Some of the folk on this list are private pilots from what I see being
discussed. How well do those pilots reckon the simulated aircraft in
FlightGear mimic the real ones, given that the FDMs are (apparently)
empirically created from the aircraft's basic layout and physical

> There are hooks and facilities to connect FlightGear up to realistic 
> cockpit controls, switches, etc., and connect up to lights, gauges, 
> etc.  A cockpit mockup with the displays and controls in the correct 
> locations goes a long ways torwards turning FlightGear into a legitimate 
> training tool.  We have the ability to syncronize multiple display 
> channels, which allows people to design advanced visual systems with 
> wrap around screens.  FlightGear can drive projectors or monitors which 
> gives you a lot of flexibilty to create a display system appropriate for 
> your particular needs and budget.

Is there actually a way to connect a motion platform? I recall hearing
about a "motion chair" connected to one of the old (0.5.6 ish) versions
of FG, but I'm not sure if that's the same thing.

Similarly, what about force-feedback to control-columns?

> To be fair to Josh, this is big reason why big full motion simulators 
> for a specific aircraft cost millions of dollars.  The flight dynamics 
> data (and the work to get it and validate it) alone can easily exceed a 
> million dollars.

Josh has done some good work.
Keep it up, Josh.
Especially the nose art :-)


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