Curtis L. Olson wrote:

Arnt Karlsen wrote:

It's not obvious to me what a user would find in --help that would be relevant to this problem?

sorry, I have not thought to look at --help option...

FlightGear should load terrain in a background thread in the most recent version. However, 3d models (which we have an increasing number of) can't be loaded in a background thread. Calling any plib model load function could (likely) trigger a texture load which needs to happen in the main render thread. It sounds like this user has a really slow disk subsystem and is running into an area where a lot of 3d models need to be loaded, or their disk subsystem is just *incredible* slow, or they are running an older version of FG and didn't enable threading when they ran configure.

No, I'm running the last version of FG. Have not enabled threading, during compiling, but I've seen that fgfs forks some process, maybe the threading is enabled by default?


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