I'm developing a massively multiplayer flight- and generic vehicle sim,
OpenBirds. For the last about six months i've been making a component
based physics engine based on Open Dynamics Engine and my own
aerodynamics code. Screenshots and more information at:


The Flyflap (the OpenBirds physics engine project) is going to 
be finished next friday and i'll release sources and maybe even 
FC3 rpms. My problem is that current sound samples are ripped from 
X-Plane and i cannot release them to public in my sim.
Is it ok to use sound samples from FG in my sim?

I'm also intrested if you know any good sources of aerodynamic
information such as Cl/Cd/Cm graphs for various airfoils and flap
All my code will be released as GPL and are available if you need 
something. Flyflap will be linux only, but OpenBirds should run on 
both platforms. OpenBirds makes heavy use of existing libraries such 
as OpenSceneGraph, SDL, ODE and OpenAL.

OpenBirds is going to be WW2 combat sim. As a glider pilot and rc
hobbyist i'd like to include some general aviation features that are 
neglected in major sims such as thermal and ridge soaring with
full size sailplanes and rc gliders.

-- Ville Ranki                     oh3gbq
   [EMAIL PROTECTED]              040-757 2533

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