Andy Ross wrote

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > It won't compile under Cygwin using gcc either. Fails with:
> >
> > NasalSys.cxx:292: error: invalid conversion from `naRef (*)(Context*,
> naRef,
> >    int, naRef*)' to `naRef (*)(Context*, naRef)'
> You forgot to update your SimGear, or have an old one still
> installed somewhere.  The API for extensions has changed with
> this version, and your compilation is picking up the older
> version of nasal.h.

Quite right - I hadn't rebuilt SimGear correctly, and the compilation was
still picking up the older version of nasal.h.

I also had a few local difficulties in FlightGear, but all fixed, and
everything compiles correctly

Thanks for your help.


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