Adam Dershowitz wrote:

> Martin:  Yes, in the US it is often done in single engine airplanes.  There
> is a lot of single engine IFR flying here, so the rating is very useful on
> its own, rather than as a step to other ratings.  It really increases the
> utility of a airplane greatly when a few clouds don't ground you.  

Oh yes, I understand the intention, as long as it's really focused on
IFR flying - and I'd wish to do it as well.  Unfortunately in Germany,
probably in most of Europe, we have to face major and in large parts
unnecessary hindrance which probably will make the IFR rating
unreachable for me  :-(

To be honest, I believe experienced people actually _do_ fly IFR if
they have an aircraft that is equipped accordingly - even without
having the proper license  :-)

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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