* Ampere K. Hardraade -- Monday 02 May 2005 22:35:
> I now got the Xorg versions of mesa from ubuntu repostory.

> ii  xlibmesa-dri   6.8.2-10       Mesa 3D graphics library modules [X.Org]
> They didn't make any different.  I'm still getting the same errors when I am 
> trying to compile FlightGear.

Strange. Do other 3D apps work? Or is it "just" an fgfs compilation problem?
(The worst thing that could happen, actually! ;-)

My favorite "strace" could give you some hint in either case:

A)   $ strace -fF -eopen glxinfo 2>&1|tee /tmp/strace.log

B)   $ strace -fF -eopen ./configure 2>&1|tee /tmp/strace.log

If you search through that log file, you'll see *where* and *what* either
program searches, and why it doesn't find what it searches. Especially
"/libopengl" would be interesting.


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