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* Curtis L. Olson -- Wednesday 04 May 2005 22:44:

I like the idea. One problem on the windows platform is lack of feedback from the graphical launcher that anything happened when you clicked run. It's easy to click run a couple times and end up with 5 copies of FG running

Yes, but not only that. As I mentioned in the other message (with my first, cheesy approach): it takes much too long now until the window appears. So, if you want to do something useful while fgfs loads, and switch to another virtual desktop, the fgfs window suddenly pops up there. And finally: it's a pity that the splash screens are only visible for a short time before the 3D window is shown, which kind of defeats their purpose.

So, I can commit this? (It's much cleaner than the patch makes it look
like! :-)  I'll fix bugs that I may have missed, and we can still revert
if there pops up a serous problem.

Sounds good to me. I'm sure lots of people will holler if anything breaks.


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