* Karsten Krispin -- Sunday 08 May 2005 02:30:
> just a small question: is it hard to include simgear as shared libs?
> When you want to change something in simgear you have to recompile fgfs. that 
> needs pretty too long.
> Or is there a trick?

No trick for avoiding to recompile fgfs, but for not needing to recompile all
of it only because you changed a comment in a header or something.

Trick #1:
Don't ever install SimGear, but only put links to the libs into /usr/local/lib/

  $ cd /usr/local/lib
  $ for i in `find /your/path/to/SimGear -name \*.a`; do ln -s $i; done

and links to the headers into /usr/local/include/

  $ ln -s  /your/path/to/SimGear/simgear /usr/local/include/simgear

Do the same with plib if you like. Of course you have to add further links
whenever libs are added, but that doesn't happen that often.

Trick #2:
Use ccache (http://ccache.samba.org/; should be in every serious Linux 
already). You only need to set CC and CXX to prepend ccache:

  CC="ccache gcc" CXX="ccache c++" ./configure ...


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