Besides the small matter of getting permission from the original modeller to

and release under the GPL.Separating out all the objects and animating them 
be nearly as hard as building the model from scratch.MSFS use a different 
for animation they build different objects for different positions of 
aircraft parts.
E.G the landing gear will have a separate model for gear up than gear down 
then they just hide the model they dont want to show.This did change when
they went to GMAX models but as far as I am aware PLIB can't handle those 
I would say build your own you will look back in a years time and say what a

load of
rubbish but the experience will be invaluble.One thing I would say is to 
make the
fuselage with plenty of sides because if and when you come back to improve 
you won't have to start from scratch as I have had to do.Currently I use no 
than 40 sided fuslages.


The problem with this approach is that I have no experience with modeling
aircraft.  I have downloaded blender and played around with it but that's
about it.  How long would you say it would take you to create this model,
just so I have an idea.  I was also wondering if taking a plane close to the
size of a C130 and modifying it to look like a C130 is an option? 


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