> As I'm very visually challenged, a sign in the air over an airport saying
> KJFK 2.5 miles or some such would be a big help finding my way around.
> Identifying particular buildings in the air would be nice too. (Golden Gate
> bridge, Washington Monument, landmarks like large cemetaries and parks).
> I'd love to work on this eventually but that'll probably never happen at
> the rate I'm going. 8-(

Something like this?


> Perhaps something similar could be used to mark restricted airspace.
> Something especially useful would be signs for those features found on vfr
> charts.

That should be easy to do, provided the areas are built by hand, like the 
current buildings and bridges.  They could also be toggled on/off with a key 
binding for airspace marking (seperate from the key binding for city names or 
tourist signs).  It would be interesting to make a terminal control area 
also.  I could do all this, but I would need a sectional, an area to work on 
(SFO area?), and some assurance that I'll get the key bindings and that the 
work won't be for naught.

> Perhaps the signs can be turned on/off with various levels as the log
> messages are?

I think we could use properties for each type of sign, 
i.e. /sim/signs/cities, /sim/signs/tourist, /sim/signs/airspace, etc.  The 
properties could be set "on" at your command line, or startup script, and 
controlled at any time with a key binding.

> Is US government information on public charts
> available for use? How is this 'common knowledge' and US government sources
> impacted by GPL and other licenses?

I believe the data can be found freely in text format, i.e. there is a control 
zone at lat xxx, lon xxx, surface to FLxxx.  This is all we'd need.


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