Jim Wilson wrote:
> The problem with putting the turbo multiplier up in that range
> is the manifold pressure output is directly multiplied by that
> number.  So full throttle produces an output of 164 inHG
> manifold pressure.  We should be seeing about 61 inHG at sea
> level for this engine.

But that's irrelevant: at sea level the wastegate setting* (or
boost input, see below) should be clamping it.  In order to reach
the POH MP numbers at altitude, where the solution values are
specified, you need this value.

If you want to use a lower than real-life MP, you will need to
re-specify the cruise parameters to an altitude where the engine
is developing real-life power.

> Setting this multiplier lower to get the correct manifold
> pressure with turbo at sea level should reduce the maximum
> flight level for the aircraft since the second stage turbo
> cannot currently be modeled.

What's wrong with the BOOST control input for this purpose?  The
second stage turbine is a manual level.  Just map the first stage
to a boost of 0.5 (or whatever is appropriate).

> If there is a problem that setting the multiplier to 5.5 fixes,
> I suspect it is in the FDM design and not the P51D
> configuration.  Any ideas how we can fix or work around this?

I'm just trying to reach the manifold pressures that the airplane
is specified as reaching in its POH.  What values are you using
for cruise MP?

Seriously: the supercharger in the Mustang *does* multiply the
manifold pressure by this value.  Are you sure it doesn't?


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