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Roberto Inzerillo wrote :
Fred is always very nice :-)  Thx

No kidding, you are the first to show a convincing scenery enhancement without using photo-scenery.
Generic textures are not dead ;-)

Well, of course I choose to start with default textures but I'm not happy with that as you are. Those pictures you've seen are taken far distant from the coast line; you don't get the same good impression when you fly right on top of the city.

Anyway, I think that basic scenery for Italy is very low quality, it's based on very low resolution data sets, roads are very approximate, land usage is not coherent with today real status. I guess this problem is related to almost every country outside USA.

That's why, after having some fun with 3d modelling (i did some building and I'm currently concentrating on a few historical buildings of my town ... that's really very fun :-) I did come to spend some time with terrain modelling. I thought having a good terrain data set was to be done _before_ inserting any 3d object.

Now I'm almost done with my town, I will upload the modified scenery files and some tips on importing that into the base fgfs data tree (there are many people who just want to know which file they need and where to copy, without warring about the details, so I'll try to be simple and clear with that).

Photo-scenery are still what I'd love to have, I hope FGSD will have the right tools for that in a near future. I like fgsd (with all it's imperfections) and it looks like it's development is taking new directions (as you can read in the FGSD CVS mailing list). We'll see :-)


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