Dave Culp wrote:
> Lately I've been flying around German terrain and have been getting an FDM 
> freeze at seemingly random occasions after flying for ten minutes or so.  
> Here's a screenshot of the freeze:
>            http://home.comcast.net/~davidculp2/fdm_freeze.jpg

You should not do these manouvres with such an old aircraft  ;-)

I _might_ know a similar szenario. I thought I'd post a description
last week but I held it back - until now. The effect _I_ see is that
the FDM does _not_ feeze _immediately_ but instead it slows down at a
very high rate and I get at least one or two more "state changes".

I'm able to reproduce the effect under the following circumstances:

1.) Choose the A-10fl,
2.) take off at EKOD,
3.) switch to some outside view,
4.) activate the autopilot to altitude-hold and select 800 ft,
5.) put EKSB as the first item on the list of waypoints,
6.) put EDXF as the second item on the list of waypoints.

The aircraft heads towards EKSB at a constant altitude of approx.
950 (!?!?) ft. After arriving overhead EKSB the aircraft _should_ turn
right to head for EDXF. The last picture I see is in the moment of
having the aircraft right overhead EKSB, then I encounter a delay of
about 15 sec. and the next frame I get shows the aircraft in the mid of
the turn towards EDXF. With a bit of luck I get another frame about 20
sec. later.

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