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I must admit that it's not entirely clear to me what sort of setup you
have. I didn't find the time to try Solaris10 myself but I doubt very
much that they replaced their package installer and X11 system since
Solaris8. I am familiar with having 'pkgadd' for installing packages
and the 'native' port of X11 for Solaris, no XFree86, no Mesa.

If you found a pre-packaged version of FG for Solaris - this won't be
the package _I_ built because apparently your're running Solaris10 on a
PeeCee and mine is for the SPARC architecture - then you should expect
this package being built for a 'native' Solaris environment. You should
go and get a graphics card that offers HW-accelerated OpenGL for the
_Solaris_ X server. If you already got one, run 'gl-info' and look at

Thank you very much for your two usefuls and documented replies :

- I downloaded and installed FlightGear (plib, simgear, fgfs, base) not with the package installer, but with pkg-get install : on this catalog is not the architecture specified, but only "(gcc3") ; why ? I don't know (the packages are pre-built), and i have gcc3 in my OS. What i can say, it's that after this installation, i able to immediately launch, see and hear the simulator, in the choosed country if i also downloaded the useful scenery. But ... very to slow. And i also in the some time automatically got Mesa with the FlightGear packages, without any request from me.

- Today yet, with a fresh Solaris 10 raw installation (without Mesa and FlightGear) : no any libGL, libGLU, libGLw (.so) are findable in my whole OS : only a gl.h and a glut.h (not glu) in /usr/openwin/include ; and it's all. Of course, the OS seams properly installed, with a masterDVD burnt from Sun homepage (all MD5 OK) and also the companion CD. And i can say that the system works fine, and that the display especially good looks.

- I found an Ati driver and a Radeon driver (.so) in /usr/openwin/server/modules/drivers, but no file named 'gl-info' or similar working command on the OS (and my PATH is yet not too poor...)

- I can consider a xorg.conf self to write, but it seems better a standard Solaris xorg.conf first to find and it only to adapt to my 9200 Radeon...
But where ? (no any xorg.conf yet in my system).

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