Before I get too far on the property node cloning thing I want to make sure 
this isn't a "feature" rather than a bug.  Does anyone want there to be old 
"/fdm/jsbsim" property nodes kept around whenever  fgInitFDM() is called?

As background, when the sim is reset using this:

          globals->get_commands()->execute("old-reinit-dialog", node);   

the old instance of the FDM is destroyed and a new one created in fgInitFDM().  
If this is a JSBSim FDM, then the property node "/fdm/jsbsim" stays and a new 
one, called "/fdm/jsbsim[1]" is created.  This happens again at every reinit.

This is a problem because some instruments are tied to properties in 
"/fdm/jsbsim", so after a reset they are tied to inactive properties.


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