> > > > > If someone wants to make a submarine simulator then they are
> > > > > welcome to make a  fork of FlightGear and name it SubGear but
> > > > > I'm interested in aerodynamics and  not aquadynamics.
> > > > 
> > > > ...then we have the waves made by the aircraft floats.  ;o)
> > > 
> > > You are right and today we have to search for the best effect with
> > > an object animated like the aircraft shadow. I have tried to do it
> > > http://ghours.club.fr/Walrus-Villefranche1.jpg
> ...neat plane, but your sparkling waveless "spray" demos my point nicely,
> dunk a Walrus into 5 thru 25ft seas, and you'll find that the one ton
> big toothed seal can spank you mildly thru _roundly_, just like the
> water the plane lands or dunks into.   ;o)
> > > May be with Sparkle we could get a better aspect
> > 
> > And I forgot: Plib include some functions in _SSG Auxiliary Libraries_
> > which are very useful.
> ...useful to model physical forces?  Or just to hit the degauss button
> remotely to simulate a nose punch?  ;o)
> ...don't read me as "we have enough fancy eyecandy", we need more of that
> too, but we also need "running water" here.  ;o)
Anyway, that is mainly to illustrate the discussion, to demonstrate the
limitation of our system (today). I did it only on that Walrus because
it is little (the animation is only driven by the aircraft speed, agl
and pitch).
It was said that we do not have to make the Hollywood quality movie and
i agree.
However we could try to find the way which drive to get the best
picture,  with a combination of specific animations driven by speed,
forces,... light processing, and characteristics of materials.

It is a pity to see a seaplane taking off, and nothing happen on the sea
level , the ground-effect is able to give  parameters which could help
the design.  

The new 3D clouds are a good exemple of programming ressource, which
could be used to simulate random waves  ( i will get god lightnings or
rather devil fires, if i continu in that way ). 

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