Gerard Robin wrote:

If you think some numbers are (way) off, please sent corrections to me. Most numbers where rough estimates without any testing.

OK, don't you think it could be rather an open discussion?

It would, if the rest of us could test it, but at this point you seem to be the only one who is using it.

I am not sure to keep the TRUE i am not a GURU   :-( and i worry it :-(

No need to worry, there is no pressure.
It's easily changed in the future :-)

i only modify some, mainly water to make my SeaPlanes more realistic.
I will search which have been modified.

If you have cvs working it's as easy as:

cvs login
cvs -z3 up -Pd materials.xml
cvs diff -puRN materials.xml > /tmp/materials.diff
cvs logout


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