Vivian Meazza wrote:
Andy Ross wrote
Vivian Meazza wrote (in a CVS checkin):

I've removed all the features that rely on the diff to YASim
that I posted recently, I don't expect any reaction from Andy
any time soon! I feel a bit inclined to remind him of his rant
against Cygwin recently. I'm willing to be favourably

Good grief.  If you guys are going to snipe like this, at least keep
it out of the public record.  And try giving me more than 24 hours to
reply next time.  Easy stuff I can handle at work while I read the
mailing list, but some stuff requires that I get home and actually run
the simulator.

Ouch! Many apologies and humble grovelling for the public whinge!!!!!

Actually this might be my fault. I probably should have left it out of the CVS message.


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