I wrote

> Already the case: see above. I considered a spline, but the extra
> complication doesn't really give a better outcome.  Asymptotic ... OK up
> to
> a point, but at some rpm the compressor goes supersonic (depending on the
> design) and output falls away. I attempt to model this in a general way,
> while ensuring that the output remains positive for all rpm values, no
> matter how unreasonable. I'll put the output on my website so that you can
> see. I'm satisfied with this solution, but others are, of course,
> possible.

I've put the curves here:


 You can see that the Hoerl power function (labelled 'power') is nicely
behaved for all values of rpm. I would argue that perhaps it ought to drop
more steeply past peak power, but that's only instinct - I have no numbers
to support it.


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