On Wednesday 15 Jun 2005 08:47, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Still not tempted by a Bucc? ;-)  Oh well, one mustn't be greedy!
> Yes - I went as far as to look at a cockpit section at the Manston Museum
> last year. Daunting! 

Certainly... It didn't take me long to decide that I certainly wasn't going to 
manage a Bucc as a first attempt!  They're not short of difficult-looking 

> I was also put off by the arrangements of BLC, blown 
> flaps etc. I haven't abandoned the idea yet, but lack of technical data is
> holding me back.

There is a bit more stuff available on the web now than there was about a year 
ago when I last looked, but I don't know of the pilot's notes being around 
anywhere.  I really struggled to find 3-views of any worth on the web too, 
but found pretty reasonable ones at http://www.airwar.ru/other/drawe.html - 
it seems like a pretty good resource (and has a couple of Sea Vixen drawings 
too).  Apologies if everyone else already knows about it!

> I'm researching the Sea Vixen right now. 14 (yes 14!) fuel 
> tanks, and a tail which is linked to the flaps (as was the Buccaneer's).
> All very complex. So far I've only modelled aircraft for which I've had
> access to the pilot's notes, and, in the case of the Seahawk and Hunter, a
> pilot.

It is a pretty interesting plane, I've a few clips from the British Pathe site 
which feature the Sea Vixen.  I don't directly know any Buccaneer pilots, 
although I do slightly know the father of one.  There must be plenty of them 
still about though, since it's only been out of service ten years!

> I use AC3D - I dislike Blender with a passion - too complex and
> non-intuitive. I gave up in frustration. The latest AC3D has some nice
> features. Others can do great things with Blender - Melchior can make it
> sit up and beg.
Funnily enough, I surprised myself by what I was able to produce "by sight" in 
Blender, random household objects etc.  Producing something reasonably exact 
from 3-views has proved a completely different story though...

> Have you seen the recent Aeroplane magazine? It has comprehensive series of
> articles on the Lightning: excellent source data.
I haven't, no.  Will look out for it though, thanks.

> Keep at it - it just takes time - you can hijack most of the Hunter
> instruments for the interior.
If I ever reach that stage, I will!

<Regarding the YASim patch> 
> > I must confess I didn't, but if I get a chance tomorrow, I'll give it a
> > go.

Well, I've tried it and the sky hasn't fallen on my head yet, seems to work as 
advertised.  Will continue to test it, but no ill effects noticed yet...


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