Vivian Meazza wrote:
> Not. At least, only in the sense of RTB. This is where we came in. It might
> not produce any thrust, but it should solve shouldn't it?

Er, huh?  I guess I don't understand how you think that would work.
What the solver does is figure out how much drag the airframe needs to
produce in order to meet the specified performance numbers.  If there
is no thrust, then the only drag that works is zero and you get a
failure.  I honestly thought everyone was clear on this point.

This is going in circles.  Start with your working file.  Add *only*
the line specifying the new boost control axis.  Touch nothing else.
Don't come back until you make it work.

I assure you that you will get the same solution after you add the
axis.  Once it is there, you can start playing with it at runtime.


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